For your cat's comfort, we offer a variety of condos and suites in our feline boarding facility!
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Cat in Cat Care Clinic Cat CondoCat Care Clinic also offers boarding for cats onsite. We know the decision to board your cat can be an anxious time for both of you. Our boarding facility provides a comfortable and relaxing home away from home for your pet when you need to be away on business, vacation or an emergency.

Our suites are located inside the clinic. We give the option of a Medium Condo, Large Suite or Extra Large Presidential Suite. As of late December 2014, we will also offer two environments to choose from; a room in the back of the clinic with soft music for those that prefer the quiet, and a room in the front of the clinic in our doctor's office with a window for more socialization.

All condo sizes accommodate wall shelving to allow cats to be off the ground if they so desire with their own cat-sized bed to sleep in. The larger suites provide even more elevation and room to stretch. If you have multiple cats you would like to keep together, the large suites can accommodate them.

Feline boarders enjoy the following amenities:

  • Cats inside a Cat Care Clinic CondoImmaculately clean cage
  • Family visits and tours of the facility
  • A clean, safe & comfy atmosphere
  • Fresh bedding & daily housekeeping
  • Spacious suites
  • Individualized care and social time
  • Planned, regulated, and monitored veterinary diets
  • Fresh water daily
  • Use of Feliway diffusers to promote calmness
  • Veterinary medical services if needed

Boarding Requirements

  • If your pet has a washable favorite personal belonging, you may bring it with you.
  • Cats must be current on the following vaccines: Distemper (FVRCP) and Rabies.
  • All male cats must be neutered.
  • All cats must be free from parasites and on an approved topical flea preventative (Advantage/Advantage Multi, Revolution, Cherestin, Activyl, Frontline or Seresto Collar). If they are not current, a monthly treatment will be applied at admission for a small fee.
  • Bring a veterinarian's statement showing your pet's latest inoculations. (Please feel free to fax your pet's vaccine history to us at 317-846-2274 prior to arrival. We insist on current vaccinations. If necessary, we will arrange for booster inoculations at the time of admission.)
  • We require 50% of the estimated charges to be paid at the time of admission.

We look forward to your cat’s vacation!

Large Cat Boarding Suite - Under the Sea   Large Cat Boarding Suite - Tropical Island   Large Cat Boarding Suite - Pepe the Skunk Loves Cats
Our large cat boarding suites come in a variety of fun themes.


Special Services

If you supply medication, it will be administered to your pet as directed. Please bring the current diet your cat eats and any treats you wish to be given. If no diet is provided they will receive an age or condition-appropriate Royal Canin canned and dry food. Other services can be performed during your cat's boarding such as dental cleaning, grooming, and annual physical exams with vaccination updates. Please discuss special services with the staff at time of arrival. There is never a charge for individual care such as belly rubbing, ear scratching, or loving attention around the clock!

Reservations and Rates

Reservations are required at all times to assure availability of service and facilities and to avoid disappointment. Occasionally, facilities may be available without reservation, so please call, even at the last moment. A rate schedule is available upon request. The rates include room, regular meal plan, professional care from our experienced management staff and daily veterinary supervision.

If oral or injectable medications are to be given, an additional daily fee will be incurred.

If you need to board a diabetic cat with us, there will be a daily glucose monitoring fee even if you do not regularly monitor it at home. When cats are in a different environment their blood sugar drastically fluctuates. This is necessary to ensure that your cat's blood sugar doesn't get too low or too high while staying with us. We appreciate your understanding.

Click to download our Cat Boarding Admissions form.

Cat Condo Porthole at Cat Care Clinic   Cat Condos have separate litterbox rooms.     Multiple Cats in Cat Care Clinic Condos
Cats can access upper/lower levels as well as their litterbox room via a porthole.   Litterbox Room     Our condos can accommodate multiple cats from the same family.